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Tuna, Bluefin - Bluefina

Bluefin Tuna is the largest of the Tuna species. Often found in the Northern Pacific, Bluefin ranges from Eastern Asia to the West coast of North America and as far South as the tropics. Bluefin meat can differentiate in color from deep rosy-red to light pink depending on its fat content. Bluefin Tuna is primarily used exclusively in sashimi or sushi preparations, the fresh clean taste of sashimi quality red meat and the buttery taste and texture of the toro portions of the loin make this tuna one of the ultimate seafood experiences.


The Bluefina pledge is to provide the finest, umami buttery, sashimi-grade Bluefin Tuna that is always fresh, naturally fed, without hormones, antibiotics, or additives. They administer the highest ethical standards of sustainable fishery management and traceability from ocean to table. 


Wild caught under responsible management practices compliant to global scientific quota assessments.  Bluefina collaborates with the scientific community and work with regional and international regulatory organizations that are focused on the protection of bluefin tuna.  Bluefina’s ranching is located within the Pacific Islands Biosphere Reserve which covers more than 2.7 million acres.  The designated government-sanctioned reserves are designed for the perseverance of sea life for future generation promoting sustainable growth while protecting ecosystems.  Their fish is Friend of the Sea certified sustainable.

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