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Whitefish or Lake Whitefish inhabit cold, deep-water lakes in the northern United States and Canada. Most commonly found in the waters of Lake Michigan, Huron, Erie and Superior. It is the most valuable commercial freshwater fish in Canada. Whitefish roe is also highly regarded. Whitefish are silvery, small mouthed, freshwater fish in the Salmonidae family. Whitefish is known as one of the best-eating freshwater fish there is. The delicate white meat has a high fat content that gives it a wonderful richness and lends itself to smoking. They are related to the Salmon and Trout, but have pure white meat. The mild flavor is more like Salmon than Trout. The meat is medium-firm with a large flake. Whitefish are at their peak in colder weather when the meat tends to be firmer and fattier. Whitefish are caught using trap nets, gill nets and hook and line. Trap net fish are the highest quality. The seasons vary by lake and state. Fisheries of the Great Lakes are managed Great Lakes Fishery Commission which includes provincial, state, and tribal agencies, with support from the Canadian and U. S. federal governments. 

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