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Walleye prefer large, shallow lakes with high turbidity. They are found and stocked in lakes from Quebec to Alabama. It derives its name from its glassy eyes. This sometimes misleads consumers into thinking the fish isn’t fresh. These eyes have developed to allow the Walleye to hunt at night in the gloom of the lake bottom. It is also called Walleye Pike, which can be misleading since it is not a Pike. Walleye is a clean tasting white meat with a small flake and excellent, sweet flavor. It is adaptable to any cooking method. They are caught using trap nets, gill-nets and hook and line. There is also a large winter fishery with gill-nets set under the ice of frozen lakes. Closed seasons protect Walleye during spawning. Possession limits distribute the total catch among many fishermen. Fisheries of the Great Lakes are managed by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission which includes provincial, state, and tribal agencies, with support from the Canadian and U. S. federal governments. 

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