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Trout, Rainbow - Clear Springs

Rainbow Trout is a member of the Salmon family. Rainbow Trout are easily distinguished by their rainbow-like colors on their sides. All Rainbow Trout sold domestically is farmed. It is the oldest aquaculture industry in North America dating back to the 1880’s. They reach market size of 8-10 ounces in 8 to 12 months. Clear Springs Foods, a vertically integrated food company, focuses on sustainability and protecting the pristine, spring water resource that produces their healthy Rainbow Trout. Clear Springs Foods, Inc. is the world's first Rainbow Trout farm to earn Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. Founded in 1966 in Idaho, Clear Springs Foods is the world's largest freshwater Rainbow Trout producer that uses raceways. The flesh of the Rainbow Trout is white, pink or orange in the raw state and when cooked the color lightens. Rainbow Trout are delicate, with a delicious and mild nutty flavor. The flesh cooks up flaky and tender. Trout are farmed in concrete raceways or ponds. 

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