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Trout, Loch Etive Sea

Loch Etive Trout is a high quality Scottish fish with excellent and distinctive eating qualities. It is grown under controlled farming methods off the West coast of Scotland in the pristine Loch Etive that is 30km long and up to 145m deep. The loch has been eroded by the flow of ice from successive glaciations over the last two million years. Loch Etive Trout has a delicious, mild, and nutty flavor. The cooked meat is tender and flaky. Loch Etive Trout can be cooked as you would salmon. The fish contain essential vitamins and minerals, low in saturated fat, and high in Omega-3s. Loch Etive Trout are raised in a sea loch, Loch Etive. The loch contains a unique mix of brackish water and fast flowing currents with high oxygen, providing the perfect conditions to grow superior ocean Trout. The farms operate with the lowest stocking densities and highest welfare standards in the United Kingdom. The fish are fed a diet free of antibiotics, hormones and GMO ingredients.

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