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Coastal Squid Tubes & Tentacles

Coastal Squid is perfectly tender with a mild, sweet and buttery flavor.  The tubes and tentacles are fully cleaned (wings removed in addition to head, guts and quill) for convenient to use and a higher yield compared to traditionally cleaned product.  Coastal Squid is thoughtfully and directly sourced by Fortune Imports, a global procurement subsidiary of Fortune International.  
The coast is our human connection to the sea.  It is the first place we dip our toes before heading out for a swim, our favorite view from any chair and a symbol of safety and comfort for those that have been out at sea. Fortune Imports captures those feelings with their hand-selected, fully traceable and sustainable seafood products. To learn more about Fortune Imports please visit
These squid are caught in various bodies of marine waters seasonally using seine nets. 
Latin Name:  Todarodes pusillus
Catch Method:  Seine nets
Country of Origin:  Varies, Processed in China
Suggested Cooking Method:  Can be fried and grilled
Flavor Profile:  Meat is firm with a mild, slight sweet, buttery flavor
Specifications:  Block frozen, Fully cleaned Tubes and Tentacles 3-5, 5-8 
Pack Size:  10x2.5 lb case
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