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Laughing Bird Shrimp

Laughing Bird Shrimp are farm raised in Costa Rica. The country has strict environmental policies and regulations which attracted the farm owners to Costa Rica. Mangrove protections have been in place and enforced since 1973, and the country has even reversed deforestation. The water quality of the lagoons where the shrimp are raised are stringently tested and regulated by the government on a quarterly basis, and the farm’s results are always well above the set standards. 


The shrimp are processed and chilled moments after harvest and never frozen. Laughing Bird Shrimp are all natural- no hormones, no antibiotics and no preservatives. The shrimp are sweet with a firm texture and have an extraordinary color. When cooked, this shrimp turns a deep and vibrant orangish pink.


The shrimp are farm raised and harvested from 15 farms located on the Gulf of Nicoya and the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. 


Sold as: Peeled and packed in 8 lb containers. 51-70 count

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