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Kauai Shrimp

Proclaimed "the best shrimp you'll ever taste," Hawaii's Kauai Shrimp is known for its very sweet flavor and superior texture.  Kauai Shrimp are White Shrimp raised in pristine seawater drawn from 500-foot-deep wells and fed a high quality diet with NO chemicals or antibiotics ever used. 


The farm was built on high ground (no mangroves or other wetland habitat) about 1 mile inland on the west side of Kauai as a demonstration of Oceanic Institute Round Pond technology.  This design with round, plastic lined ponds and central drains works extraordinarily well.  The water source has high levels of silicate that stimulates rich blooms of diatoms, the most nutritious algae.  The production process is internally managed from breeding, to hatchery, to grow out, to processing. The farm has a minimal carbon footprint, because the electricity for the pumps and paddlewheels comes from hydroelectric power driven by rainfall on Kauai’s Mount Waialeale.  Farm effluent meets the most stringent EPA criteria as determined by a third-party lab. The shrimp are raised to large sizes, because the farm is an extension of their breeding program called “Kona Bay”. They are the major broodstock suppliers to India and Indonesia.


The processing plant is only 20 minutes from the farm, but the harvest water is super chilled with salt to improve product quality.  This slightly diminishes the weight of the shrimp, but improves the flavor and quality. Kauai Shrimp are head-on shrimp and packed 4x5 lb semi individually quick frozen. Kauai Shrimp qualify as sashimi grade due to the low bacteriological count, as routinely monitored by Hawaii Dept of Health.  

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