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In 1990, Chef Gerard Parrat and Chef Dominique Place could not find a true lox style smoked salmon to serve in their Seattle restaurants. To create one, they began with the traditional French curing method, added a few Northwest influences to represent our new home, and smoked it on site. They called it their European Style Smoked Salmon, affectionately referred to as Euro. 


Northwest Style Smoked Scallops

Fully cooked, ready-to-eat Alaskan Weathervane Scallops are smoked to prefection.  30-40 count scallops are perfectly bite sized.

91403205 · UPC 752047921953 · 12/4 oz.

Smoked Halibut Mousse

This creamy, flavorful smoked mousse is loaded with smoked halibut and blended with spices and other natural ingredients in a light cream cheese base.

91403220 · UPC 752047924015 · 12/6 oz.

Smoked Salmon Mousse

This creamy, flavorful smoked salmon mousse is loaded with succulent smoked wild salmon and blended with spices and other natural ingredients in a light cream cheese base.

91403222 · UPC 752047924008 · 12/ 6 oz.

Northwest Style Smoked Coho

Wild Alaskan Coho hand filleted and smoked in small batches over a mix of fruitwoods and hardwoods for a moist, flaky, fully cooked finish.

91403255 · Traditional · UPC 752047925418 · 12/4 oz.
91403250 · Pepper · UPC 752047925425 · 12/4 oz.

Sockeye Lox 

Bold and robust wild Sockeye Salmon lox is smokier than others.  

91403260 · Sugar Free · UPC 752047923018 · 12/3 oz.

European Atlantic Lox

The smoking process is designed to celebrate the salmon.  The smoke is delicate, subtle and mild.

91403245 · UPC 752047921816 · 12/3 oz.

Wild Coho Gravlax

Hook and line caught wild Coho is cured with salts and spices in teh traditional Gravlax fashion.

91403265 · UPC 752047926361 · 12/3 oz.

Wild Coho Smoked Salmon

Wild caught Alaskan Coho is lean, smoky and packed with flavor. 

91403270 · UPC 752047926354 · 12/3 oz.



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