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Fruits De Mer

Deerfield Beach, Florida

Fruits De Mer sources the finest seafood for all their products.   They use traditional methods, that are centuries old, to preserve the delicate and fresh flavor and nutrients of the seafood.  Fruits De Mer is committed to sourcing only the most exceptional wild caught and sustainable seafood for their brand.  The fish are caught off the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and immediately frozen for optimal freshness.


Marinated White Anchovy Fillet

W1400445 · 818446010466 · 10/7 oz.

Marinated White Anchovy Fillet with Garlic 

W1400450 · 818446010022 · 10/7 oz.

Marinated Mackerel and Pickled Cucumber

W1400455 · 818446010909 · 10/7 oz.

Marinated Mussels and Garlic 

W1400460 · 818446011470 · 10/7 oz. 


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