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Blis Gourmet

Grand Rapids, Michigan

BLiS is the result of one chef's passion to handcraft, unique naturally sourced, gourmet food ingredients that inspire chefs and gourmets around the world.  BLiS is a leading artisan of flavor-infused, wild domestic roe, and their Black River Ossetra Malossol Caviar is among the finest caviar in the world.


Natural Wild Char Roe

94504080 · 100 g


Smoked Wild Char Roe

94504085 · 100 g


Natural Steelhead Roe

94504050 · 100 g


Smoked Steelhead Roe

94504060 · 100 g

Smoked Rainbow Trout Roe

93100100 · 2 oz.

93100110 · 7 oz.

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