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Van Phong Bay, Vietnam

The Better Fish® Barramundi is a succulent, Fair Trade-certified white fish that is easy like salmon and elevated like sea bass. It’s mild and buttery flavor, exceptional nutritional value, and versatility has made it the fastest growing white fish species in the U.S. according to Datassential. Our Barramundi are thoughtfully nurtured in the pristine ocean waters of Van Phong Bay, Vietnam, humanely harvested, intelligently processed to maximize quality and consistency while minimizing waste and carbon footprint. Every package of The Better Fish creates economic benefits for workers and coastal communities, enhances global food security, protects wild fisheries, and builds climate resilience.


Simply Skinless Barramundi Fillets

W3700032 · UPC 890150002678 · 12/12 oz. 


Lemon Herb Butter Barramundi Fillets

W3700020 · UPC 890150002753 · 12/12oz.

Tuscan Herb Butter Barramundi Fillets

W3700036 UPC 890150002777

Garlic Teriyaki Barramundi Fillets

W3700030 · UPC 890150002760 · 12/12oz.

Crispy Fish Tenders

W3700038 UPC 890150002781

Bulk products of skinless and skin-on fillets and portions are also available.


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