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Berkshire Pork

Celebrated for its abundant intramuscular marbling, Berkshire pork, a.k.a. Kurobuta pork, is sourced straight from the heartland, from family farms in Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas. These heritage breed hogs are raised humanely without any added hormones or antibiotics and fed a wholesome diet of grains and vegetables. Berkshire pork is exceptionally tender, flavorful and a world apart from the average commodity pork. 


Heritage Pork

Unlike commodity pork from hogs that are bred to grow quickly without much fat or flavor, heritage pork has time and tradition on its side. Careful breeding and humane animal husbandry result in pork with a deep, rich color, luxurious taste and supreme tenderness.




There’s pork and then there’s porcelet. This incomparable product comes from milk-fed piglets that live a humane and stress-free life on a single family-run farm near Quebec. Tender and juicy with a sweet flavor profile that hints of creamy vanilla notes, porcelet surpasses expectations of how good pork can be.

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