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This Coturnix breed of Quail is from Texas Quail Farms LLC. They are a vertically integrated agribusiness, meaning they are involved in the entire production process. With hatching, growing and processing facilities in in their area of Lockhart and Luling, TX, results in high quality, safety and no stress on the bird. They are the only state inspected quail processing facility. These delicate game birds are humanely raised in a stress-free environment without ever receiving antibiotics or hormones.



We source our squab from a cooperative of small farms in California’s beautiful Central Valley, where they are raised naturally, breeding and rearing their young in nest boxes placed in open barns. Mated pairs of pigeons feed their offspring a mix of high-protein grains including soy, sorghum and corn. Each monogamous pair of breeding stock yields approximately 12-14 birds per year, some of which must be retained for future breeding, so the cost is directly related to the low production rate. The fledgling squabs have never flown and are raised until 3.5 to 4 weeks of age.




D'Artagnan offers ring-necked pheasant, an old breed with full-flavored pinkish-white meat that we prefer to the more common and commercially raised Milan White breed. Our pheasants are raised on small farms in unique, free flight conditions. Large, netted fields provide protection and allow the pheasants their natural behavior, like foraging in tall grasses. They are fed a clean grain diet, free of any hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products.


Guinea Hen

Our Guinea fowl are raised on a small farm in California from the highest-grade French breeding stock. The birds live free-range, and their diet consists of corn, soy and wheat alfalfa. No antibiotics or hormones are ever used. A relative of the chicken and partridge, Guinea hens have white meat, like chicken, but with a higher moisture content and richer flavor closer to that of pheasant. The lean meat has 50% less fat than chicken and is low in cholesterol and rich in vitamins. Compared with pheasants, Guinea hens have a milder flavor and contain fewer tendons in their legs, making the drums and thighs more versatile and cost effective.

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