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Tartufi di Fassia

Gubbio, Italy

Tartufi di Fassia has developed a reputation among leading chefs all over the country for providing the most beautiful, aromatic and consistent supply of black and white truffles from Italy and France. Tartufi di Fassia now brings the luxurious flavors of truffle to gourmet markets everywhere.



Truffle Oil

O0100880 · Organic White Truffle · UPC 803322417080 · 6/100 mL
O0100890 · Organic White Truffle · 1 gal
O0100920 · Organic Black Truffle · UPC 80332217085 · 6/100 mL

Truffle Butter

Made in Italy solely with truffles from organic farming and the natural flavor from truffles. This butter goes without artificial flavor and you can taste the pure and delicate flavor with every single bite. 
U3120190 · White · UPC 802095000431 · 6/4.23 oz.


Acacia Honey w/ Truffle

U3120070 · UPC 803322417091 · 6/80 g

Grey Salt with White Truffle

U3120280 ·  UPC 803322417727 · 9/1.06 oz

Black Summer Truffle

Black summer truffle carpaccio is a specialty of the Tenuta di Fassia. Thin frgrant slices of truffle enriched with premium extra virgin olive oil allow you to prepare creative dishes that maintain the perfume and aroma of fresh truffles. 
U3120340 · Slices · UPC 803322417432 · 6/2.82 oz. 
U3120360 · Whole · UPC 803322417404 · 6/1.76 oz.



Truffle Sauce

U3120220 · Black Summer · UPC 803322417650 · 6/2.82 oz.
U2720420 · Black Summer · 6/17.64 oz.
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