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Tom and Jenni Smude started their enterprise in 2010 after a rough year for crops in 2007. Why sunflowers?  They started looking for a drought-tolerant crop and this is where it led. 

Their first goal was to sell by-products and the oil bulk by semi loads. Three months later they were faced with a hard choice when the price for bulk oil fell. So, with a positive mind, they decided to start selling retail oil on March 10th, 2012. 

The word spread about the new product and soon retailers were calling them! Now their products are across the Midwest in retailers and hometown shops. The oil is also available online which ships across the country. 



Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil - Cold Pressed 

O0101060 · UPC 857408002002 · 6/16 oz. 


Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil - Cold Pressed 

O0101070 · 2/2.5 gal


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