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BLiS is the result of one chef’s passion to handcraft unique, naturally-sourced, gourmet food ingredients that inspire gourmets around the world. Steve Sallard’s interest in natural, regional and gourmet foods and products began on his family’s half-acre, organic, truck garden in Rochester, Michigan. Today, Steve continues to step up to any food-related challenge, continually introducing new products that quickly become the best in their class.



Fine Solera Sherry Vinegar "Elixir" 25 Year

BLiS ages extra-old, fine sherry vinegar a second time in rare, eighteen year old, maple-cured, single-barrel, bourbon casks assembled in a true solera system. While expensive and time consuming, this method of aging produces a one-of-a-kind, complex sherry vinegar. 

U0320040 · UPC 689076086943 · 6/100 mL


"9" Maple Sherry Vinegar

BLiS ages fine sherry vinegar, in small-batch, single-barrel, bourbon casks that have previously aged pure maple syrup. 

U0320010 · UPC 689076087049 · 24/375 mL


White Truffle Oil

BLiS' gourmet White Truffle Oil is a chef-produced truffle oil of excellent natural quality capturing the exact essence of Alba White Truffles at peak ripeness. All-natural ingredients, no synthetic additives with a neutral cold-pressed, stable grapeseed oil. 

U0320280 · UPC 949225225358 · 6/200 mL


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