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Castillo de Canena

Since 1780, the Castillo de Canena estate has been producing exceptional oils in the Guadalquivir Valley of Andalusia in the south of Spain.



Family Reserve - Arbequina

Exuberant vegetable fragrances: lemon skin, lemon verbena, tomato leaves and olives. The lighter in flavor of Castillo de Canenas oils, it has a beautiful velvet mouth feel and a pleasant final hint of almond. 2011 SOFI Award Winner. 
S0920100 · EVOO · awarded · 6/500 mL

Family Reserve - Picual

Picual olives produce the most intensely aromatic and spicy of olive oils. The aroma of freshly mowed hay gives way on the palate to bold green vegetable and nut flavors, with a finish that is powerfully spicy. 
S0920130 · EVOO · awarded · 6/500 mL


First Day of Harvest - Arbequina

The purest expression of any olive grove comes on the first day of harvest, when the grower has determined that the olives have reached the absolute peak of their flavor.  Castillo de Canena captures the essence of their Arbequina estate with a rare bottling of oil immediately from those first hand harvested olives. The initial fragrance is of green apples, lemon peel and herbs and follows with tastes of ripe banana and bitter almonds, finished with gentle notes of spice.
S0920160 · EVOO · awarded · 6/500 mL · LIMITED QUANTITIES

First Day of Harvest - Picual

The oil is of a golden green color and its fragrance combines that of artichokes, mint, basil and rosemary. Its bold taste coats the palate with flavors that continue the herb theme plus hints of citrus fruit and green tomatoes with a fiery finish.
S0920190 · EVOO · awarded · 6/500 mL · LIMITED QUANTITIES


Smoked Olive Oil

This exceptional smoked oil is produced by slowly infusing the high quality Castillo arbequina oil with naturally produced smoke from a mix of oak, beech and birch wood, which impart their unique characteristics into the oil. Undertones of caramel, vanilla and toffee can be detected in the final oil. This unique oil is divine on its own, or pair it with your favorite recipes to create more complexly flavored dishes. 2015 Sofi Award winner.
S0920230 ·  6/250 mL 



Picual Biodynamic EVOO

This Picual olive oil has been produced using  strict Biodynamic processes and standards.  Some of these standards include producing their own organic fertilizer through composting, incorporating beehives and sheep into the olive groves, and using crushed quartz in place of copper in the fields.  This style of agriculture is a step beyond Organic farming. Biodynamic cricultura seeks a comprehensive balance of soil, trees, animals and humanity.  This olive oil has a fresh and expressive flavor with flavors of olive leaf, lettuce and artichoke, and hints of fresh fruits, tomato vine, green banana and apple.
S0920300 · 6/500 mL


Harissa Olive Oil

Arbequina extra virgin olive oil infused with their own recipe of Harissa sauce.  The result is an intense red color to the oil with a unique spicy oil known for its fluidity, balance and freshness.  
S0920245 · UPC 8437016319314 · 6/250 mL


Amontillado Olive Oil 

Castillo de Canena Amontillado is the result of a passion for two gastronomic products as outstanding as EVOO and fortified sherry wines. The freshness of Castillo’s Reserva Familiar Arbequino acquires the character of a fortified wine by refining it in the sherry boot of amontillado. The fascinating aromatic profile of amontillado, with its inexhaustible waves of nuts and saline nuances, gently guided by the delicacy of the oil that fixes them on our palate.
S0920225 · UPC 843701631998 · 6/250 mL


Plankton Olive Oil 

The first extra virgin olive oil with marine microalgae. With a pronounced aroma and a bold taste of the sea, it is combined with the green, fruitiness of fresh olive juice. 

S0920240 · UPC 843701631930 · 6/250 mL · PRE-ORDER


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