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Agrumato oils were inspired by the culinary tradition of some Abruzzese farmers who made citrus oil for personal use at the end of the olive crushing season. The crisp freshness of Agrumato is achieved by the whole-fruit crushing process. Whole citrus fruits are crushed simultaneously with olives in the cold-extraction method to capture essential oils and juice from the citrus fruits. From the resulting Agrumato, is an intensely golden green oil, fully loaded with bright citrus flavor and aroma.


Serving suggestions:

• Drizzle on a salad, and over grilled asparagus.

• Toss with steamed broccoli and green beans.

• Sprinkle over a salad of arugula, fennel, and citrus slices.

• Pour over grilled shrimp and grilled salmon.

• Serve over risotto.



Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

U2720317 · UPC 793232405056 · 6/500 mL
U2720420 · UPC 793232405131 · 6/200 mL


Tangerine Extra Virgin Olive Oil

U2720200 · UPC 793232405056 · 6/500 mL


Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil

U2720320 · UPC 793232405148 · 6/500 mL


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