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Namikura Miso Co is a family-owned, 5th generation producer that is highly regarded throughout Japan for its incredible depth of flavor and superb texture. The family prides themselves on being involved in every level of production, from hand selecting local ingredients all the way through to packaging. 



Kyoto Shiro White Miso (Aged 3 Months)

This organic soybean paste is typically made with 1.5-2 times as much white rice koji as cooked soybeans and lower salt than other miso. Known for lighter color, smooth texture and mild flavor. 

9641Z550 · 10/2.2 lb
9641Z552 · 12/500 gr



Aka (Red) Miso (Aged 6 Months)

Classified as 'red miso' for being aged at least 6 months and by using less rice and more soybeans in production. The longer the miso ages, the darker and stronger it becomes.  

9641Z554 · 10/2.2 lb


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