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Oysters - West Coast - Crassostrea gigas

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock’s are an intertidally grown oyster from Totten Inlet, which is in southern Puget Sound, Washington. They are introduced to the beach at a site distinguished by the imposing Eagle Rock, a locally known perch for the impressive predator of the same name. They are started in large mesh grow out bags that are placed on the bottom. After about eight months they are transferred out of the bags and onto the beach. They finish their grow out as beach cultured oysters. They are produced by a small, family run operation that is doing the difficult and time-consuming work required to keep the oyster densities low. This produces very nicely shaped oysters; round, deep cupped, and with well formed hinges. The water in southern Puget Sound is very high in nutrients and not too intensely salty. As a result, the oyster generally tastes mildly salty, and the meats tend to have a lot of fat (glycogen) on them, making them plump and sweet. They often have so much sweet to them that it masks the fruity aftertaste common to the pacific oyster.


Tasting Notes: mild salt, plump, sweet

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