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King Crab

The red king crab season has begun and we are able to deliver fresh red king crab direct to your door from Dutch Harbor Alaska.  The season started on October 15, 2008 and the boats will come staggered to the processing facility in Dutch harbor until the beginning of December.  This means we will have fresh king crab available the entire month of November and possibly part of December.  All of our fresh king crab comes from one processor in Dutch Harbor, which means consistency through-out.  The crab is sold as whole cooks or clusters (meaning 3 legs and one claw connected at the shoulder). The cases have no broken pieces and all of the clusters are intact. The shells are extremely clean with no sand, dirt or barnacles.  Since the crab is fresh, there is no glaze and the flavor is just pure, clean king crab.  It is unmatched for its sweet buttery flavor and rich, tender texture.  It is best eaten cold, since it has already been cooked to perfection. If you want to serve it hot, just barely heat it up, so you are not “cooking” it twice and drying it out.  This is the perfect time to catch and eat king crab since the fishery ends just before the crab begin their molting and spawning cycle, which results in fully developed meat inside the shell.  Only available once a year for just over a month, this is something that shouldn’t be missed.  King Crab is caught with pots, baited with herring or sardines.  Commercial harvests are controlled by a quota system, which is set by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  The Alaskan fishery of King Crab is recommended by conservation groups, where the fishery is strictly controlled and populations are strong.

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