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Red Crab

Savory Red Crab Combo Meat

Savory Brand Red Crab meat has an irresistible sweetness, flavor, and "savoriness."  The Red Crab raw material comes from a fishery where practices keeps the populations at healthy levels and help maintian diveristy and health of the oceans.  This species is evaluated annually to establish mangement measures based on a precautionary approach.  Only two boats currently participate in the fishery. The crab is cooked and brine frozen on the vessel to maximize freshness and flavor.  The product is never defrosted for extraction.  The crab meat is hand-packed to keep the beautiful shape for great presentation.  It is packed in three layers- claw, leg, and body meat. Just defrost and it's ready to serve.

Country of Origin:  Canada/Angola, Processed in China

Weight:  2.5 lb x 2 packs (Vacuumed in  plastic)

Ingredients: Red Crab Meat, Water

Storage Temperature:  Frozen

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