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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Zingerman's Deli finally developed their own potato chip.  Working with Great Lakes Potato Chip Company and Epices de Cru spices they developed a skin-on potato chip using Michigan potatoes.  Cooked in 100% non-GMO sunflower and/or canola oil in small batches.



Tellicherry Black Pepper Potato Chips

Tellicherry Black Peppercorn features some of the world's most wonderful black pepper they could find.  With noticeable heat from the pepper in these chips, eaters should beware.

U8010010 · UPC 857776002819 · 40/1.375 oz.
U8010080 · UPC 857776002833 · 12/5 oz.

Dill-icious Deli Pickle Potato Chips

A great dill pickle spice, developed just for Zingerman's.  These chips are not over the top and have just the right amount of zing!

U8010020 · UPC 844397007019 · 40/1.375 oz.
U8010050 · UPC 844397007002 · 12/5 oz.

French Grey Sea Salt Potato Chips

Your classic chip topped with mineral rich, complex sea salt.

U8010030 · UPC 857776002796 · 40/1.375 oz.
U8010070 · UPC 857776002826 · 12/5 oz.

Detroit Street Barbecue Potato Chips

More than just sweet barbecue, like mainstream barbecue chips, these are complex, with a little heat and spices you can really taste.

U8010040 · UPC 857776002802 · 40/1.375 oz.
U8010060 · UPC 857776002840 · 12/5 oz.


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