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Zócalo Gourmet

Zócalo, or main plaza, is the central to community life in Latin America, as is traditional locally grown food.  Zócalo Gourmet supports small scale producers of all natural cultural foods in Latin America.  


Gluten-Free Heritage Flours

The Peruvian Andes of South America, is the home to one of the most important centers of genetic diversity in the world.  Peru has over 35 species of corn, 2000 varieties of potatoes and 650 native Zócalo Gourmet purchases the ancient grains, legumes and fruits directly from the small producers who have been working their land for generations.  All the flours produced are naturally gluten-free and provide many health benefits.


Mesquite Flour

From the pods of the Algarroba trees that grow wild in the largest forest area in the coastal region of Northern Peru.  This adds a warm, sweet, slightly smokey taste to foods and enhances the flavors of cinnamon, chocolate, caramel and coffee. 

S2320220 · 8/1 lb



Purple Corn Flour

Purple corn, or maiz morado, is rich in antioxidants and gives a beautiful purple hue to baked goods.

S2320070 · 8/1 lb



Aji Pastes and Powders

Peru is the birthplace of the chili pepper, or aji, and is a great enhancement to much of the Peruvian cuisine.   In the paste form ,the chilies are often used as a base for dishes combined with herbs and vegetables.  This is used for many dishes to flavor chicken. meat, fish, pastas and rices. These are gluten-free and USDA organic certified.



Considered the most important of the native chilies of Peru, it is a spicy and sweet chili with a heat level of 6.

S2320460 · Paste · 6/8.8 oz.

S2320520 · Pods · 6/1.25 oz.



Native to the northern coast, this is most commonly used in ceviche and rice dishes and has a heat level of 8.

S2320490 · Paste · 6/8.8 oz.

S2320340 · Powder · 8/2.2 oz.





Boasting a fruity, almost berry-like flavor, this has a heat level of 2.

S2320430 · Paste · 6/8.8 oz.

S2320310 · Powder · 8/2.2 oz.





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