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Madison, Wisconsin

All of their spiced and candied nuts are made in their own small Wisconsin kitchen.  Cooked in small batches, using simple ingredients, ensuring the best quality results in an end result that is something special.



Candied Pecans

A classic sweet and salty treat without any heat.

U3602010 · UPC 859348004016 · 6/3 oz.

Spiced Pecans

A little bit spicy, a little bit salty and a little bit sweet.  These small batch spiced pecans are made with freshly harvested pecans sourced directly from family growers.

U3602020 · UPC 859348004009 · 6/3 oz.

Candied Walnuts

A great addition to a roasted beet or pear and blue cheese salad.  Also wonderful to snack on on their own. 

U3602030 · UPC 859348004092· 6/3 oz.

Spiced Almonds

Savory spiced almonds sprinkled with premium sesame seeds and red pepper flakes - which provide a bit of a delayed kick.

U3602040 · UPC 859348004078 · 6/3 oz.


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