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Rustic Bakery

Larkspur, California

Just across the Golden Gate Bridge from bustling San Francisco, idyllic Marin County is home to cheesemakers, counterculture gurus, and three little bakeries devoted to hand crafting perfect treats using only the best, all organic ingredients when possible. Now the very best of Rustic Bakery, including crisp flatbreads, artisan crisps, and famous shortbreads, is available to retailers everywhere.

Sourdough Flatbreads



Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread

Light and flakey, made with extra virgin olive oil and grey sea salt from France. Perfect with a strong blue.

U1310110 · UPC 756963170211 · 12/6 oz


Rosemary Flatbread

This flatbread combines the classic flavors of the Mediterranean, rosemary and olive oil. The sweet, fresh rosemary leaves are kneaded into the dough and give this flatbread its unique aroma. Try it with Hidden Springs Driftless or Bellwether Farms Ricotta.

U1310150 · UPC 756963170259 · 12/6 oz 


Sweet Onion & Crème Fraiche Flatbread

A sweet-savory combination of caramelized onions and fresh Strauss Dairy cream, topped with white sesame seeds. Enjoy with a robust cheese like Carr Valley Canaria.

U1310130 · UPC 756963170228 · 12/6 oz

Everything Spice Flatbread

The well loved flatbread with the popular everything spice baked in throughout.

U1310160 · UPC 756963170280 · 12/6 oz

Flatbread Bites


Olive Oil & Sel Gris

U1310700 · UPC 756963170303 · 12/4 oz


U1310710 · UPC 756963170327 · 12/4 oz

Everything Spice 

U1310715 · Bites · UPC 756963170310 · 12/4 oz. 


Aritsan crisps great for nibbling on on their own or pairing with a favorite cheese or dip.  Perfect entertaining food, in a bread basket, on a cheese platter or alone.  


Tart Cherry, Cacao Nib & Almond

Tart, plump cherries and cranberries mixed with Valrhona cocao nibs and almonds combine to create a perfect snack or cheese accompaniment.

U1310210 · UPC 756963180050 · 12/5 oz


Apricot, Pistachio & Brandy

Full of frangrance and sweet golden-orange apricots, vibrant pistachios and finished with a hint of brandy.

U1310220 · UPC 756963180067 · 12/5 oz


Citrus, Ginger & Thyme

These crisps combine the perfect balance of lemon and orange peel, and fresh ginger, mixed with the aroma of thyme.

U1310230 · UPC 756963180074 · 12/5 oz


Rustic bakery cookies are a delightful collection of deliciousness made entirely by hand using Straus Creamery butter and organic ingredients.


Chocolate Cacao Nib Cookies

Their take on the all American cookie is a sweet and simple treat. Using fresh organic butter and flour, this cookie is brimming with Callebaut chocolate chips. No nuts and great for children. 

U1310330 · UPC 756963160021 · 12/4 oz

Vanilla Bean Shortbread

The classic shortbread cookie made even better with vanilla beans and a dusting of sanding sugar on top. 

U1310310 · UPC 756963160014 · 12/4 oz

Meyer Lemon Shortbread

Full of the wonderful flavor of Meyer lemons, this sugar cookie is a perfect summer treat, fantastic with a glass of iced tea. 

U1310390 · UPC 756963160052 · 12/4 oz

Pecan Shortbread 

Tender and luscious, this delicate cookie is topped with sanding sugar after baking to complete its yumminess. 

U1310350 · UPC 756963160038 · 12/4 oz
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