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Detroit, Michigan


The mission at Rosted is to offer products with the fewest ingredients and the least amount of processing possible. Keeping it simple and offering products which are meant to be a satisfying snack, and are ready-to-eat right out of the bag. Oh, and they make it a point to create food "which is actually made out of food." 



Mediterranean Crunchy Lentils

Mediterranean flavor is inspired from the electricity and chaos of an old world street market, heavy in curry, cumin and ground cloves. 

84301040 · UPC 866825000126 · 12/3.5 oz.


Spicy Crunchy Lentils

Spicy is the most straightforward flavor. It usually provides a tolerable burn at the throat after tossing back a crunchy handful. This mostly comes from cayenne and custom Cajun seasoning. 

84301060 · UPC 866825000102 · 12/3.5 oz.


The Standard

The Standard is the flavor that started it all. Aside from being the most popular, the spices are neutral overall, with just enough garlic. 

84301020 · UPC 865372000207 · 12/3.5 oz.



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