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Pirro's Pasta Sauce

Woodstock, Illinois

Pirro's Sauce are all natural, gluten free, and made in the USA.  Pirro's Sauce started with grandma's recipes, inspired by the love of family and food. Those values were carried on by the late Terry Pirro when he opened Pirro's Restaurante, which soon became know for those sauces. Today Pirro's Sauce is crafted with those same values and refined to perfection.



Marinara Sauce

 Classic marinara with tomatoes, onion, carrots, celery and fennel.

83800310 - UPC 793573073907 - 6/24 oz

Rustic Vodka Sauce

Carmelized onion and Pomodoro tomatoes based sauce with the perfect blend of cream.
83800320 - UPC 793573073914 - 6/24 oz

Puttanesca Sauce

Chunky olive and Pomodoro tomatoes based sauce with three different types of olives.

83800330 - UPC 793573073921 - 6/24 oz

Pesto Pomodoro Sauce

Basil, onion and Pomodoro tomatoes for a fresh sauce.

83800340 - UPC 852662649321 - 6/24 oz

Bolognese Sauce

Thick meat sauce with Veal and Pancetta.

83800350 - UPC 852662649314 - 6/24 oz

Pizza Sauce

Authentic tomato and herb based sauce.

83800360 - UPC 852662649307 - 6/15.5 oz