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Pimenton De La Vera

The region La Vera is famous for growing and smoke-drying varieties of sweet (dulce) and hot (picante) paprika. Enriched by a gentle oak wood smoke, pimenton adds rich flavor and is a characteristic element of many Spanish dishes and stews, including the traditional chorizo recipes. Try it in soups, with vegetables or add it to aioli, served with grilled chicken or fish. It is an essential element in paella.


Dolce (Sweet)

Made using small round ñora peppers.

S1520010 · Foodservice · 2.2 lb
S1520075 · UPC 832924001500 · 12/2.6 oz

Picante (Hot)

Made using a mixture of guindilla peppers for their heat, and jarandilla peppers for their color and to soften the heat of the guindilla.

S1520040 · Foodservice · 2.2 lb
S1520105 · UPC 832924001517 · 12/2.6 oz 




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