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Mother-in-Law's Kimchi


Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi (MILKimchi) is the premiere small-batch, hand-made kimchi using the finest chili peppers, natural ingredients and no preservatives. Taste an authentic, artisanal kimchi, made with select proprietary blend of chili peppers—a natural depth of flavor with spicy complexity and savoriness—a healthy, raw probiotic food that is good for your digestion.




Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Long strips of whole leaf napa cabbage with great depth of flavor and a long spicy finish. Our most popular flavor.

U2100040 · UPC 855230002009 · 6/16 oz

Muu Daikon Radish Kimchi

Cubed into perfect juicy bite size pieces with savory spices that cures into a delicious pickle.

U2100070 · UPC 855230002016 · 6/16 oz

Vegan Napa Cabbage Kimchi

All the punch of spice, flavor and zest of the Napa Cabbage Kimchi, but is made without any shellfish in an all vegan recipe.

U2100010 · UPC 85230002047 12/16 oz
U2100160 · 1 Gal

White Napa Cabbage

Less heat than our Vegan Napa Cabbage Kimchi, but has just as much zing. Made without chile flakes or shellfish.

U2100100 · UPC 855230002054 · 12/16 oz


Their signature gochugaru has moderate heat with fruity, smoky flavors and crimson color that is essential for your kimchi as well as other dishes.

U2100166 · 3/3.25 oz


Gochujang Collection

Gochujang is the most popular pantry staples in Korea. Use as you would tomato paste in cooking, dips, sauces or sandwich spread for spicy umami flavors. Their signature Gochu (chile) Jang (fermented paste) is made by using time honored traditional methods with no high fructose sweeteners or MSG.


Gochujang Fermented Chile Paste 00

Our signature Gochu (chile) Jang (fermented paste) is made by using time honored traditional methods with no high fructose sweeteners or MSG.

U2100180 · UPC 855230002139 · 6/10 oz 

Gochujang Fermented Chile+ Vinegar 01

Tangy flavor combination of vinegar (cho) and fermented chile paste (gochujang) is aka Chogochujang.

U2100210 · UPC 855230002122 · 6/9 oz

Gochujang Fermented Chile+ Sesame 02

Rich, nutty sauce takes center stage with the combination of sesame seeds, peanuts and fermented chile paste.

U2100240 · UPC 855230002115 · 6/9 oz

Gochujang Fermented Chile + Garlic 03

This classic sauce of garlic, ginger and fermented chile paste is complex with a layered, lingering spice. Delicious on everything.

U2100270 · UPC 855230002108 · 6/9 oz
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