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Mike's Hot Honey

Brooklyn, New York

Honey infused with chilies.  A flavor combination Mike Kurtz was introduced to while studying in Brazil.  When returning to the States in 2004 Mike began to experiment with honey infusions of his own and created his first batch, then continued making it for family and friends.  Mike especially enjoyed drizzling this hot honey on his favorite food: pizza.  In 2010 Mike began an apprenticeship at a pizzeria in Brooklyn learning all things pizza.  A few weeks in he brought in a bottle of Mike's Hot Honey, and shortly after began making small batches for the pizzeria.  Customers began to request to-go containers of the honey, and eventually the demand grew Mike's Hot Honey into a business.  Try it on pizza, but then move onto ice cream, toast.... endless possibilities. 



Mike's Hot Honey

Honey infused with chilies.

U4120010 · UPC 865372000009 · 6/12 oz.
U4120060 · 1 Gallon


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