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Lucky's Sauces

North Mankato, Minnesota

Lucky’s Hot Sauces was started on a lark many years ago. After a volleyball game, one of the founder’s teammates mentioned putting hot sauce on popcorn. It sounded good to them, and tasted even better. Then a question came up, did anyone know how to make hot sauce?  The answer was no. So, with agarden full of jalapeño peppers and a recipe from the internet, the first batch was made. Three months later it was bottled and Lucky’s Hot Sauce was born. Lucky’s Hot Sauces are gluten free, contain no HFCS, artificial colors, or preservatives.



Habanero & Garlic

U3041010 · UPC 094922033543 · 6/5 oz.


Ripe Jalapeno with Garlic

U3041000 · UPC 094922391919 · 6/5 oz.


Rudolph's Red with Garlic 

U3041020 · UPC 094922033567 · 6/5 oz. 


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