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Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps

Vancouver, Canada

Lesley Stowe is a Parisian-trained chef who began her own catering company over 25 years ago in Vancouver. She created Raincoast Crisps and they have since been featured on Oprah's O List and in Martha Stewart Living Magazine. These crackers are made in small batches and are designed to be paired with cheeses or enjoyed on their own. 



Apricot, Fig and Lemon Crackers

The perfect balance of fresh flavor that is certain to elevate all entertaining occasions. 

U1401619 · UPC 061243710453 · 12/5.3 oz. 


Cranberry Hazelnut Crackers

Tart, plump cranberries and toasty hazelnuts combined to create a perfect snack alone or with cheese. 

U1401530 · UPC 061243710750 · 12/5.3 oz.


Fig & Olive Crackers

The salty taste of Kalamata olives and the sweet flavor of succulent Californian figs combine for perfection. 

U1401550 · UPC 061243711054 · 12/5.3 oz.


Rosemary Raisin Pecan Crackers

These crisps are full of toasty pecans, rosemary and dark and juicy raisins. 

U1401618 · UPC 061243711658 · 12/5.3 oz.


Salty Date & Almond Crackers

The top of this crisp is coated with a dusting of course sea salt and partnered with a combination of luscious dates and sweet almonds. 

U1401540 · UPC 061243100063 · 12/5.3 oz.


U1401590 · UPC 061243100018 · 12/5.3 oz.

Almond Crisp Salty Date

U1401554 · UPC 061243711955 · 12/5.3 oz.

Almond Crisp Rosemary Raisin

U1401556 · 061243711658 · 12/5.3 oz.

Gingerbread- Seasonal

U1401612 · UPC 061243714857 · 12/5.3 oz.

Apricot Ginger- Seasonal

U1401500 · UPC 061243100063 · 12/5.3 oz.

Cacao Nib & Orange- Seasonal

U1401520 · UPC 061243709808 · 12/5.3 oz.


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