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Chicago, Illinois

Chef Charlie McKenna has won numerous awards in the barbeque circuit.  His famous sauces and rubs are named after his grandmother, Lillie, who taught Charlie the art of Southern cooking as a young boy in Greenville, SC, as well as his father, Quinto, an award winning barbeque pit master. Chef Charlie grew up to attend Culinary Institute of America, went on to work in top restaurants around the country, then finally open his dream of Lillie Q's in Chicago. He went on to earn multiple awards for his barbeque, and has made it so that the sauces and rubs can be brought to your kitchen as well.


BBQ Sauces

It is Chef Charlie's secret spice blend that gives these sauces that something extra special and award winning.


Carolina BBQ Sauce

This balanced and tangy sauce is crafted to honor Western Carolina barbeque traditions. Apple and Lime juices are just two of Lillie’s secret ingredients that make our Carolina barbeque sauce its one-of-a-kind character.  A unique blend of ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, vinegar, apple concentrate, worcestershire, and a few secret spices.

U0720080 · UPC 858183005028 · 6/20 oz. net weight

U0720240 ·  2/1 g

U0720200 · 25 lbs


Gold BBQ Sauce

This tangy, mustard-based sauce is true South Carolina barbeque.   A blend of mustard, brown sugar, ketchup, vinegar, apple concentrate, worcestershire and some secret spices.

U0720110 · UPC 858183005035 · 6/20 oz. net weight
U0720260 · 1 gallon


Smoky BBQ Sauce

This Memphis-style barbeque sauce is sweet and mild with a dash of smoke.  A combination of ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, vinegar, apple concentrate, liquid smoke and Chef Charlie's secret spice blend.

U0720050 · UPC 858183005011 · 6/21 oz. net weight
U0720300 · 1 gallon


Hot Smoky BBQ Sauce

This fire-starter Memphis-style barbeque sauce is sweet up front but finishes with plenty of heat.  A combination of ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, vinegar, apple concentrate, liquid smoke and a spicier secret blend of spices from Chef Charlie.

U0720010 · UPC 858183005004 · 6/21 oz. net weight
U0720305 · UPC 718122681723 · 1 gallon



This sweet, tangy sauce is a true Alabama white barbeque sauce with a pinch of cayenne.  A different blend of mayonnaise, apple cider, vinegar, lime juice and Chef Charlie's secret spice blend.

U0720150 · UPC 858183005059 · 6/17 oz. net weight 

U0720320 · 1 gal


ENC · Eastern North Carolina

This Carolina vinegar sauce is the hottest of its kind north of the Mason Dixon line.  True southern vinegar sauce with a peppery punch that will pair great with raw oysters, pork, chicken and more.

U0720140 · UPC 858183005042 · 6/18 oz. net weight
U0720310 · UPC 858183005172 · 1 gallon

Zero Sugar Carolina

Because we want everyone to enjoy the Southern flavors of Lillie’s Q, we created Zero Sugar Carolina. Equally balanced and tangy with hints of apple and lime, this Western Carolina barbeque sauce is now available with ZERO SUGAR. Keto-friendly with 0g Sugar and 2g Carbs.  Equally balanced and tangy with hints of apple and lime and now with zero sugar.

U0720152 · UPC 852129008272 · 6/18 oz net weight



Carolina Dirt

The perfect sugar-based rub for slow-cooked, unbeatable flavor. A rub combining paprika, sugar, salt, onion powder, chili powder, mustard, garlic powder, oregano, jalapenos, and spices known only to Chef Charlie.

U0720185 · UPC 810069510354 · 6/6 oz.
U0720200 · 25 lb.



This salt-based rub, with a dash of black pepper and garlic is as versatile as it gets.

U0720183 · UPC 858183005479 · 12/3.25 oz.


Kettle chips

Kettle cooked potato chips in your favorite Lillie's Q flavors.  Flavorful enough that you are getting the crunch of the kettle cooking and the flavors you love to compliment your meal, or as a snack.



Sea Salt & Black Pepper

You'll taste a lot of spice and a little bite in these simply seasoned Kettle Chips.

U0720233 · UPC 852129008098 · 40/1.37 oz
U0720228 · UPC 852129008036 · 12/5 oz. (Preorder)

Carolina Dirt

Aptly named for Carolina's clay-colored soil, the flavor for these Kettle Chips comes from Lillie's famous barbeque rub.

U0720234 · UPC 852129008104 · 40/1.37 oz.
U0720229 · UPC 852129005318 · 12/5 oz.


No frills, just simply delicious.The perfect crunch with a dusting of salt.

U0720235 · UPC 852129008111 · 40/1.37 oz.
U0720230 · UPC 852129008050 · 12/5 oz.

Hot Pepper Vinegar

A Southern tradition.  The varieties of pickled hot peppers make these one of a kind chips a snack even Yankees will love.

U0720236 · UPC 852129008128 · 40/1.37 oz.
U0720231 · UPC 852129008067 · 12/5 oz.

Buttermilk & Sweet Onion

Buttermilk and Vidalia onions are key to this southern twist on the traditional sour cream & onion. 

U0720237 · UPC 852129008135 · 40/1.37 oz.
U0720226 · UPC 852129008074 · 12/5 oz.

Pimento Cheese Kettle Cooked Chips

These kettle chips turn a Southern staple into a snack even Yankees will love. 

U0720227 · UPC 852129008029 · 12/5 oz.
U0720232 · UPC 852129008081 · 40/1.37 oz.


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