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Kansas City Canning Company

Kansas City, Missouri


Kansas City Canning Company embraces unique flavor profiles in their recipe formulation. They are challenging normal constructs and thinking progressively about palates, uses and balance. They celebrate local, sustainable ways to preserve seasons, moments, and memories in food by using artisanal and traditional canning techniques stretching far back into their family trees. Each jar is hand-packed, hand-labeled, and hand-batched in methods which require tender care and time. They hope you can taste their commitment to the craft in each of their products.



Cucumber Dilly Pickles

U5500240 · UPC 604348881262 · 12/24 oz.


Boulevard Hoppy Pickles

U5500250 · UPC 604348881132 · 12/24 oz.


Habanero Pickles

U5500281 · UPC 604348881583 · 12/24 oz.


Sriracha Pickled Green Beans 

U5500280 · UPC 604348881118 · 12/24 oz.


Pickled Green Tomatoes

U5500270 · UPC 604348881088 · 12/24 oz.


Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta 

U5500260 · UPC 604348881040 · 12/24 oz.


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