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Indian as Apple Pie

Chicago, Illinois

Born in India and raised in the United States, Anupy Singa grew up visiting her grandfather's childhood village in Punjab, India.  With her grandfather is where she first learned to cook traditional, spicy Punjabi-style food.  This passion is what compelled Anupy Singa to leave her journalism career to teach her daughters to appreciate good Indian food and to begin a blog on, as well as author several best selling Indian cookboods.  Indian as Apple Pie soon became her now Chicago based company of the sauces she learned to make while growing up.  Anupy Singa aims to celebrate both her Indian roots and American upbringing with good food.


Tikka Masala Sauce

Tikka Masala balances the tartness of tomatoes with the subtleness of earthy spices.

84203020 · UPC 857384004199 · 12/16 oz.






Punjabi Masala Sauce

A starter for virtually any North Indian curry - the 'secret' that most Punjabi families keep on hand for a quick and easy meal.

84203040 · UPC 857384004205 · 12/16 oz.






Tamarind Chutney

Sweet and sour notes make this chutney a perfect accompaniment to both Indian and non-Indian meals.

84203600 · UPC 857384004236 · 12/7.5 oz.




                           Chaat Masala Spice

                                     The primary spice blend that is in many snack foods as well as fresh ingredients, especially onion and                                           cucumber salads often served with Indian meals.

                                  84202110 · UPC 857384004113 · 12/2.6 oz.



Kala Namak (black salt)

A special ingredient in many Indian dishes.  This is a pungent, naturally deep purple rock salt extracted from the Himalayas.

857384004137 · UPC 857384004137 · 12/2.6 oz.




Garam Masala Salt

Literally translated this means 'warm spice mix', and is an essential blend used throughout North Indian cuisine.

84202150 · UPC 857384004007 · 12/2.6 oz.





Tandoori Masala Spice

This is one of the most versatile spice bends.  Mix it with yogurt for a marinade for any protein, or use as a dry rub or seasoning.

84202170 · UPC 857384004168 · 12/2 oz.




                           Chana Masala Spice

                                     The perfect spicy and tart blend for the chickpea curry of the same name.  The key ingredient  is                                                    pomegranate seeds which lend a needed subtle sourness.

                                  84202190 · UPC 857384004106 · 12/2.6 oz.






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