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DiNapoli Specialty Foods

Los Gatos, California

DiNapoli Specialty Foods insists on quality and consistency in all their fresh packed sauces.  They use high quality, freshly harvested tomatoes that are processed within hours.  They also use lower temperature evaporators and high-speed canning lines to ensure an extra thick and rich consistency without destroying the natural fresh tasting tomato flavor and color.
Tomatoes are all grown and packed in California then packed in foodservice and consumer sized tins.


Organic Rustic Crushed Tomatoes

U0610010 · UPC 855615002150 · 6/103 oz./#10

Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes

U0610020 · UPC 855615002075 · 6/28 oz. 

Organic Crushed Tomatoes 

U0610030 · UPC 855615002068 · 6/28 oz.

Organic Crushed Tomatoes in Puree

U0610040 · UPC 855615002051 · 6/105 oz./#10


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