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Delizie di Calabria

Calabria, Italy

Founded in 1989, Delizie de Calabria is located in Catanzaro Calbria in Southern Italy.  They are producing Mediterrean recipes with a single ingredient, the Calabrian Chili Pepper.  Delizie di Calabria is the market leader for production of Calabrain Chili Pepers.  They use many varieties in their products with different grades of spiciness, shape and taste.



Calabrian Chili Crushed in Oil

Authentic Calabrian Chili Pepper, chopped and preserved in oil, ideal to spice up the best Italian dishes: pasta, pizza, steak, burgers, and bread.

U5040000 · 2/2 kg

Calabrian Chili Pepper Xtr Long

From the hot south of Italy, these chilis are picked by hand when they get an intense red color. Spice up your best Italian dishes and more.

U5040002 · 2/2 kg


Calabrian Cherry Peppers in Oil

Cherry peppers in oil are medium-hot and fruity peppers, hand-picked when they get an intense red color. Small shape and very aromatic, these peppers are excellent for those who want to have a less intense pepper flavor.

U5040004 · 2/2 kg


Oregano Bunch

Premium sun-dried oregano bunch 

U5040020 · 12/1.76 oz.


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