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Tom Cat Bakery

Queens, New York


Tom Cat Bakery began in 1987 with one Chef’s passion for authenticity. For over twenty-five years, they have been making authentic French,Italian and specialty artisan bread twenty-four hours a day and delivering it fresh within hours of being baked. Way back then, they started ina garage, and now they have a whole city block under the 59th Street bridge in Long Island City. As a Tom Catstays awake through the night going about his business, so do their bakers. Tom Cat’s bread is on the tables at New York’s Four Star restaurantsand its most famous hotels and is also used at leading sandwich chains and sold at some of the tri-state area’s premier retailers.


Lobster Roll

86940100 · 12/6 pc



86940110 · 15 pc


Heirloom Sourdough Batard

86940130 · 1.5 kg


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