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Bronx, New York

Dufour carefully crafts its own gourmet hors d' oeuvres, puff-pastry, specality doughs and sweet and savory tart shells in both food service and retail options. Dufour prides itself in developing both traditional and trend-setting products using only high quality ingredients that undergo numerous test and quality controls.  They use only churned butter sourced from an upstate New York creamery, and they are now Kosher certified. Dufour products are frozen immediately after they are prepared to ensure freshness.  2014 Sofi Award Finalist.

Puff Pastry

This All Butter Puff Pastry is made with 94-churned AA sweet butter and is highly acclaimed by pastry chefs.  The hundreds of layers inside the puff pastry puff up to approximately 8x the uncooked height.

80200100 · Puff Pastry Sheets ·  11"x16"x1/8" · 12/case
80200110 · Retail Sheets · UPC 736449000102 · 10/14 oz


Vol au Vent Cups

80200115 · 100/3.5"

Pate Sucree Shells RTB

This hand-made, ready-to-bake (raw dough) sweetened pie dough is made with butter, sugar and eggs.  The shells are shipped frozen in their own tins to ensure freshness and protection.

80200130 · 1.5" · 228 ea/case
80200140 · 3" · 112 ea/case
80200180 · 4" · 120 ea/case

Traditional Tart Shells RTB

Hand-made, ready to bake (raw dough) pastry shells made with butter and eggs.  Shells are shipped frozen in their own tins to ensure preshness and protection.

80200135 · 1.5" · 228 ea/case
80200150 · 3" · 112 ea/case
80200185 · 4" · 120 ea/case
80200190 · 5" · 80 ea/case


Bittersweet Chocolate Pastry Shells

A unique blend of Dutch cocoa powder, butter, and sugar makes these shells perfect for fruits, ice cream or custard. The shells are shipped frozen in their own tins to ensure freshness and protection.  Ready-to-bake (raw dough).

80200220 · 3" · 112 ea/case
80200225 · 1.5" · 100 ea/case
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