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Boston Chowda Co.

Lowell, Massachusetts

Family owned and operated since 1987, Boston Chowda Company prides itself on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients for their soups and appetizers.  Everything is homemade in Boston. All soups are cooked in small batches.  They come frozen in boil in bag pouches so they are ready to heat and serve. 




What Boston Chowda Company specializes in, and does best.

W1312035 · New England Clam Chowda · 2/1 gallon
W1312037 · Manhattan Clam Chowda · 2/1 gallon

Lobster Bisque

A Down East favorite with minced lobster meat simmered in lobster stock and finished with cream and sherry

W1312025 · Rockport Lobster Bisque · 2/1 gallon

Chicken Soup

W1312080 · Chicken Tortilla Soup · 2/1 gallon

Southern Favorites

Although they are from New England, they stick to only authentic recipes to please those from the South.

W1312020 · Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo · 2/1 gallon
W1312030 · Charleston She Crab · 2/1 gallon

Italian Classics

These Italian recipes are perfect for bringing a little home cooked goodness to your customers.

W1312065 · Minestrone Soup · 2/1 gallon
W1312085 · Tomato Florentine Soup · 2/1 gallon
B C-soups

Hearty Soups

Classic comfort soups that are packed with flavor

W1312093 · Beef Stew · 2/1 gallon
W1313000 · Split Pea with Ham · 2/1 gallon
W1312090 · Baked Potato Soup · 2/1 gallon

Vegetarian Options

Farm-fresh vegetables that are hand processed to give these soups a home-made touch

W1312050 · Corn Chowda Soup · 2/1 gallon
W1312075 · Creamy Tomato Soup · 2/1 gallon
W1312070 · Butternut Squash and Cranberry Bisque · 2/1 gallon
W1312060 · Broccoli Cheddar Soup · 2/1 gallon




Perfect for your customers to bring home and enjoy. 

W1313010 · New England Clam Chowda · UPC 730516060129 · 6/18 oz.
W1313020 · Rock Lobster Bisque · UPC 730516060143 · 6/18 oz.
W1313030 · Charleston She Crab Soup · UPC 730516020574 · 6/18 oz.
W1313025 · Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo · UPC 730516060174 · 6/18 oz.


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