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Beirut Bakery

Redford, Michigan


When their family opened Beirut Bakery in 1979, they did it to support themselves by bringing the authentic flavors of their ancestry to metro Detroit. They were newly arrived in America from Lebanon, and their family knew that the secret to a successful business is passion.

They have passion for their food and the legacy of their family. They came to America for a better life, and in turn they wanted to share their favorite flavors and authentic family recipes with their new community.

For a business to survive, you need family to keep it going. Generations past believed this so fully that they instilled in them the values and passion they brought with them to America. Beirut Bakery was the first Middle Eastern shop in Wayne County.


Chickpea Salad

W6420200 · UPC 687068237007 · 2/5 lb


Tabouli Salad

W6420300 · UPC 687068201008 · 2/5 lb



W6420400 · UPC 687068204009 · 2/5 lb


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