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We <3 liver. Whether coarsely chopped or emulsified into a spreadable paste, pâtés are the real soul of French charcuterie and what won us acclaim back in 1975. To make our pâté, a mixture of liver and meat is mixed with a glug of fine French spirits or wine, aromatic spices, and cooked in a mold on low heat before being sealed up in convenient 8oz packages.



Pâté Au Poivre Noir

Pork & Chicken Liver Pate with Black Peppercorns
O0700126 · UPC 45885394028 · 8/5.5 oz.


Pâté Grand-Mére

Pork & Chicken Liver Pate with Armagnac
O0700130 · UPC 45885394035 · 8/5.5 oz.


Mousse Truffée

Pork & Chicken Liver Mousse with Truffles
O0700160 · UPC 45885394011 · 8/5.5 oz.


Mousse Au Poulet

Pork Free Chicken Liver & Pepper Mousse
O0700170 · UPC 45885386054 · 8/5.5 oz. · PREORDER
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