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Smoking Goose Charcuterie

Indianapolis, Indiana

Smoking Goose: old world craft, new world flavors

From their Indianapolis meat locker, Smoking goose handcrafts slow cured and smoked meats, salumi, and fresh sausages. They cure and smoke the meat from healthy animals raised on small family farms in Indiana and neighboring states by people who care as much about the well being of the animals and the land as they do their own families.  By taking the time to use traditional methods like seam butchering each animal, hand tying every piece, and curing without additional compound nitrates, they tend to every product with the same mindset: curing Indiana one pig at a time.  2015 Good Food Award Winner.


Heavily spiced with bay leaves, garlic, juniper berries, sea salt, brown sugar and black peppercorns, these cured hog jowls bring a rich flavor and more dense texture than their belly-cut cousin, pancetta.

Y0561003 · 2 lb


Delaware Fireball

This ball of fire is one of the original salumi created at Goose the Market, Smoking Goose’s butcher shop on Delaware Street. This crepinette salame of coarsely ground pork is packed with crushed chili, espelette pepper and garlic. It is wrapped in caul fat, then dry aged and cold smoked over hickory wood for a spicy salame that’s ideal for snacking.
Y0551002 · UPC 852619006184 · 5 oz.


Gin & Juice

A wise man once spoke of the laid back feeling from sipping on gin and juice. That feeling comes with this finely ground lamb salame spiked with juniper and orange zest. A lean and firm salame of all natural, grass fed lamb, the Gin and Juice is slow aged to develop a subtle funky flavor.

Y0551014 · Lamb Salami ·UPC 850045194017 · 6 oz.



A hunter’s treat, the finely ground elk in this salame is studded with organic blueberries soaked in honey 

wine from Indiana’s own New Day Meadery. They stuff and tie each natural casing by hand to ensure slow, sweet aging.

Y0551015 · Elk Salami · UPC 850045194000 · 6 oz.


Dodge City

Named in honor of Smoking Goose’s original neighborhood once known as “Dodge City,” this salame is strewn with fennel pollen and studded with pink peppercorns for that quick pop of anise. It is a lean giant that is speckled with a quilted pattern of back fat. This salame is one of their largest diameter, stuffed into a natural sewn casing.

Y0551003 · Overstuffed Salami 8 lb


Smoking Goose's take on classic bologna. Their Mortadella starts with slow cured fat back that is made in house and cubed by hand to blend with whole peppercorns.  6" wide, is perfect for charcuterie plates, simply layering on a sandwich, or pan fried with eggs, atop pizza....endless options.

Y0521001 · 6 lb


All pork breakfast sausage with peppercorns, cinnamon, clove and ginger. Frozen product.
Y0531002 · UPC 852619006191 · 10/1 lb retail · PREORDER
Y0531001 · 5 lb· PREORDER





Y0511002 · Retail · Smoked · 10/1 lb


Capocollo di Dorman

Y0521006 · 4 lb


Caramel Bacon Cheddar Popcorn

Caramel bacon cheddar popcorn.

Y0515002 · 4.8 oz. · PREORDER


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