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North Country Smokehouse

Claremont, New Hampshire

Abraham Satzow began selling smoked meats from a horse-drawn wooden cart nearly 100 years ago. He was a butcher who used old world European techniques to carefully coax perfectly matched flavors from the best ingredients available. Today, smoke master Mike Satzow’s smokehouse sits on the same piece of lush New England countryside where his grandfather’s butcher shop once stood. His passion for authentic taste hasn’t changed either. As one of the few remaining family-run smokehouses in the United States, North Country has carried on the proud tradition of pure, honest flavor to make some of the most memorable smoked meats you’ve ever tasted. Many products are available as all natural, nitrite free, no preservatives, antibiotic free, vegetarian fed and Certified Humane®.


North Country Smokehouse bacon

Applewood Smoked Bacon

This is the authentic wood-smoked bacon flavor North Country is known for. Slow cured for days in dark maple syrup and spices, their lean bacon is smoked longer than other smokehouses’ offerings over sweet real applewood embers for a rich flavor with a subtle cider finish.
J2700010 · Slab · 5 lb.
J2700040 · Sliced · 5 lb.
J2700070 · Sliced · Organic · UPC 791545261437 · 8 oz. 
J2700074 · Sliced · Organic, Sugar Free · UPC 791545260034 · 8 oz.

Peppered Bacon

During Pope John Paul II’s last visit to the United States, he enjoyed the North Country Smokehouse peppered bacon that had been selected for his breakfast. These maple-cured bacon slabs are rolled in cracked Tellicherry peppercorns, a variety that’s left on the vine longer than others to develop a richer, deeper peppery bite. Then they’re left to rest, absorbing the deep flavor of their earthy, spiced coat before they’re smoked. This careful process lends a wonderful contrast between subtle syrup sweetness and the warm kick of smoky black pepper that is truly worthy of a papal feast.
J2700130 · Sliced · 5 .lb

Bistro Ham

North Country bistro ham is exceptionally lean with a wonderfully salty-sweet flavor. This all-natural offering is unique in the marketplace because no preservatives are used in preparing the pork. And it’s certified humane, so you won’t be asked to choose between your values and exceptional taste with this delectable ham. Nitrite Free.
J2700220 · UPC 791545201709 · 10 lb.


Black Forest Ham

This double applewood smoked ham is an American Classic. Exceptionally lean pork is selected and brined in a secret blend of spices and maple syrup for days. Once the curing process is completed the hams are placed in German-style smokehouses for hours in order to deliver the rich smokiness that chefs search for. The density of the smoke complements the sweetness of the meat to create a truly spectacular ham.
J2700250 · Boneless · 10 lb.

Tasso Ham

Down south in hot Creole kitchens, the air is saturated with wonder, slow-cooked patience, and a generous heap of spice. On the countertops of such kitchens you may find an important piece of flavor voodoo: tasso. Cured and rubbed in spicy crust featuring cayenne pepper and garlic, this exceptionally flavorful ham portion is the heavily smoked key ingredient in spicy, bayou-worthy gumbos. 
J2700280 · Boneless · 0.85 lb.


Smoked Turkey

Oven roasted and sweet applewood smoked, this tender turkey does not contain nitrites or nitrates and is minimally processed.
J2710430 · Boneless Breast · 5 lb.

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