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Luker Chocolate

Bogota, Columbia

Luker Chocolate, a family-owned manufacturer of fine chocolate couvertures, based in Bogota, Colombia, a country geographically privileged for the cultivation of cacao. Established in 1906, they are one of the world’s largest producers of chocolates made exclusively from fine flavor cacao beans of the Trinitario variety. Only 8% of the world cocoa production is Fino de Aroma and 76% of it produced in the world is grown in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. Cacao Fino de Aroma is distinguished by its aromas and its fruity and flowery flavor with nutty malt notes.

Luker Chocolate is a member of the WFC, the World Cocoa Foundation, and is committed to the sustainable social, economic, and environmental development of cocoa growing communities.


Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

U5250320 · 2.2 lb

Dark Chocolate Microdrops

U5250330 · 5.5 lb

Pink Chocolate Microdrops

U5250340 · 5.5 lb

Chocolate Trio Microdrops

U5250350 · 5.5 lb




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