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Mona Lisa Decorations

Mona Lisa Decorations are designed to bring high quality with the ease of ready made to help chefs create a little extra 'wow' to their dessert presentations.  The cups and decorations are made of high quality, all natural Belgium chocolate that is certified kosher dairy.  Cups can be filled with Callebaut mousses, ice cream, sorbets, fruits....the possibilities are endless.  Fortune carries a variety of chocolate cups, shavings and chocolattos for chefs to create with.



Coffee Cup Large

2.5"D x 2.75"H

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

2 oz. capacity

U5200590 · 36 cups

Coffee Cup Mini

Semi-Sweet Chocolate 

1.4 oz. capacity

U5200595 · 45 cups

Tea Cup Mini

Semi-Sweet Chocolate 

2.68 oz. capacity

U5200605 · 144 cups



Mini Dark Assortment

1-1.5"D x .5"H

.75 oz. capacity

U5200680 · 200 assorted cups

Dark Rectangle Tart Cup

U5200600 · 1/72 pc

Dark Chocolate Liquer Cup

U5200592 · 154 pc/box

Tulip Marbled Cup Small

U5200570 · 152 pc/box

Tulip Cups Marbled

U5201530 · 72 ct/box




Chocolate Shavings

Medium chocolate shavings available in white or semi-sweet.

U5200500 · Ivory · 4 lb. box
U5200530 · Dark · 4 lb. box




4" long chocolate cigarettes.  Available in semi-sweet or duo (white and semi-sweet striped).

U5200650 · Duo · 100 per box
U5200620 · Semi-Sweet · 100 per box
U5200630 · White · 100 per box

U5201480 · Mini Duo · 700 per box


Chocolate Curls

U5200400 · White · Large 24 mm · 5 lb

Large Dark Chocolate Curls

U5201470 · 5 lb box

Small Dark Chocolate Curls

U5201510 · 10 lb



Small White Chocolate Curls

U5201520 · 10 lb

Dark Chocolate Snobinettes

U5220100 · 1/270 ct

Marbled Chocolate Pencils 8"

U5201580 · 110 ct/box


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