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Shullsburg, Wisconsin


Shullsburg Creamery began its colorful history when a young Danish immigrant established a creamery bottling milk and churning butter in 1934. A few years later they began competing with Kraft and making their own branded cheese and distributing it directly to grocery stores in the surrounding area os Shullsburg, Wisconsin. Today, they continue the tradition of producing quality cheese. The creamery is owned by local dairy farmers who supply their milk for Shullsburg Cheese production. 



Italian String

Q7102480 · UPC 02654205828 · Cow Milk · Semi-Firm · Pastuerized · 12/16 oz. 


Mild Cheddar

Q7102500 · UPC 02654294134 · Cow Milk · Semi-Firm · Pastuerized · 12/8 oz. 



Q7102520 · UPC 02654201134 · Cow Milk · Semi-Firm · Pastuerized · 12/8 oz. 


Monterey Jack 

Q7102540 · UPC 02654261134 · Cow Milk · Semi-Firm · Pastuerized · 12/8 oz. 


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