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Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas Bates met at a potluck for Women in Sustainable Agriculture, and ultimately came together to form Landmark Creamery, specializing in uncommon milk and beautiful cheeses.  Fresh, rich sheep's milk from a small farm in Rewey, Wisconsin.  Due to the seasonality of many of the animals, many of the fresh cheeses are also seasonal.




Tallgrass is an artisanal cheese hand-crafted from golden-hued, pasture-grazed milk from the heart of Green County. Tallgrass's rind is rubbed with smoked paprika and olive oil and aged six weeks to three months. Accessible enough to accompany a ham sandwich, but interesting enough to round out an elegant cheese board. It melts beautifully and can be grated.

Q0700170 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Wheel · 10 lb. · PRE-ORDER

Pecora Nocciola

An award-winning aged pecorino-style sheep milk cheese. Nutty and savory with notes of macadamia nuts and a bright finish. A perfect grating cheese that's also a star on your cheese board. Pair with dark salted chocolate, dried cherries or prosecco.  

Q0700180 · Pasteurized · Sheep's Milk · Semi-Firm · Wheel · 11 lb ·  PRE-ORDER

Smooth and fruity with a bit of funk, this washed-rind sheep milk cheese is inspired by the mountain cheeses of the Basque region of Spain.

Q0700140 · Pasteurized · Sheep's Milk · Semi-Firm · Wheel · 1/9.5 lb  
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